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"One of the best places I know to teach you about investing in general is the National Association of Online Investors.
The NAOI offers a five-course series called the ''Individual Investor Certification Program'. It teaches you all the basics you need to know, and then some."
Lynnette Khalfani, CNBC Reporter and best-selling author of "The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million"




Welcome to the 
National Association of Online Investors!

Founded in 1997 the mission of the National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) is to empower individuals just like you to effectively navigate the confusing and perilous world of investing and take personal control of their portfolios. We do this through original investing research, consulting, in-class teaching at the college level and the self-guided education courses found on this site.

Today's equity markets are becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Factors are affecting equity prices that have the potential to wipe out your portfolio virtually overnight. It happened in 2008 and it can happen again, but even more suddenly. You can no longer afford to simply turn over your financial security to a third party and just hope. You need to assume personal responsibility for both protecting and growing your portfolio on your own. You simply must become an educated investor.

On this site you will find the college-level education courses and programs that will enable you to invest with confidence. These courses give you the knowledge, structure and tools to transform your portfolio from a murky collection of under-performing, expense-laden mutual funds into a streamlined set of investments that can provide a significant source of income and wealth creation. NAOI courses show you how to make money in any market condition while limiting risk and protecting your portfolio from the market crashes that are sure to come.

Whether you work with an advisor, invest on your own or do both, you must make informed decisions. The Study Courses you find on this site enable you to do so far more effectively than any other resource in existence. Storm clouds are looming in financial markets. You must take control of your money today! 

NAOI President
Leland Hevner


The NAOI offers a variety of cooperative programs. An overview of just a few are shown below. Click the Partnerships and Affiliates items in the menu above for more detailed information.



NAOI Graduates: 
Earn Money!

Help us educate the investing public - we can't do this alone!

All graduates of the NAOI Certification Program are eligible to become an Affiliate NAOI Member and earn money by referring new students to our Courses and Programs. 

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Boost Your Sales!

The NAOI holds a unique vantage point in the world of investing. Because we interact with thousands of individual investors per year we have a pretty good idea of what they want, need and will buy. The NAOI is willing to share this data and work with you to enhance your offerings based on this research.

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Who Will Benefit?

The NAOI has Unique Education Programs to enhance the products / services of:

Financial Advisors

Online Brokers

Full Service Brokers

Investing Product / Service Vendors

Academic Institutions


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NAOI Partners

Here are just a few organizations we have worked with:

JK Lasser Tax Specialists

VantagePoint Benefit Adivsors

Assoc. of National Account Execs.

Options News Network

From a Partner:

We are thrilled to be working with such a great company, said E. Matthew Buckley, CEO of Options News Network. The NAOI is a leader in providing college-level investing education to the public, and were excited about the synergies that we can create working with them in this partnership.


Site Program

All NAOI Courses reference external Web sites for a variety of investing activities. If you feel your site deserves to be brought to the attention of our students apply for NAOI Recommended Site status and start realizing your full sales potential. 

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The NAOI Study Courses

NAOI Courses are shown below and detailed throughout this site. They range from the most basic education for beginners to the most advanced investing techniques that you, as an individual investor, are likely to use. Read the overviews presented below and click the links to read more details for each.

All NAOI education products are multi-media courses that consist of a hardcopy workbook and a closely integrated Online Supplement. This format enables you to become involved in the learning process by not only "reading" but also "acting" by using calculators, filling in worksheets, visiting Web sites and taking tests related to course material. This is the serious education that you need to not only survive, but thrive in today's complex and dangerous investing environment.




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Dynamic Portfolio Design

The Future of Personal Investing

This ground-breaking course defines a bold new approach to investing that takes advantage of today's volatile market dynamics. The author shows you how to create a powerful, Dynamic Portfolio using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as the primary investing vehicle and three unique Portfolio Segments as follows:

The Core Segment uses a Moving Average strategy to get you into markets that are trending up in the long-term and out when they start to move down.

The Turbo Segment uses an innovative Relative Strength and Asset Rotation strategy to produce astounding returns that "Turbo Charge" your portfolio returns with minimal risk.

The Explore Segment enables you to find ETFs that thrive in current market dynamics, whatever they are, and shows you how to buy and sell them using a simple trading plan.

As a graduate of this course you will be empowered to achieve returns that far exceed market averages and with less risk. This course represents the future of personal investing!

The NAOI Individual Investor 
Certification Program™

Consisting of 5 courses, this is the most comprehensive personal investor education program available today. It is the academically rigorous course in investing that you should have been offered in high school or college - but were not.

Just think about it. In the financial services industry every person who tries to sell you something is licensed or certified. In all likelihood YOU are the only person in the equation that is not. This puts you at a great disadvantage; having to just accept what these "experts" say without challenge. And you are vulnerable to all manner of scams. This is very dangerous to your financial health.

It's not your fault. Nowhere have you been offered true investor education. Until now. NAOI study courses level the playing field and empower you to challenge advisor recommendations and/or to invest on your own with complete confidence. Finally, you are in control of your financial future.

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Investing Basics and Creating Your Plan

The Online Version of this Course is FREE!

Course 1 of the NAOI Certification Program provides you with two factors absolutely essential to effective investing: Basic Investing Knowledge and a Structured Process for building your portfolio

This course is available in two formats: completely online and online with a workbook as shown at left. The online course is free. Simply click the "Order/Join" menu item at the top of this page and enroll today. If you wish to add the Workbook the cost is minimal.

Click here
to review the unique NAOI Financial Calculators 
you will use in this Course (note that a new tab will open)

Building Your Core Funds Portfolio

All well designed portfolios will have a “Core” of broadly diversified mutual funds. These are your “buy and hold” investments. They will be highly-diversified, relatively low risk and require little of your attention. But you will not settle for market average returns. 

As a graduate of this course you will be able to put together a portfolio of Core Funds that has the potential to consistantly beat market averages without exceeding your risk tolerance. 

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Investing In Focused Mutual Funds

This course teaches you how to easily invest in target markets using Focused Funds. Example target markets are Energy, Gold, Emerging Markets, China, Real Estate, etc. Sector and International investments such as these hold the potential for annual returns that are far greater than broad-based Core Funds. 

Here you will learn how to identify areas that have the potential for explosive growth and how to invest in them using Sector Funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). This is an exciting type of investing that you must consider for your portfolio.

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Trading Individual Stocks

To truly maximize the wealth potential of your portfolio you need to consider trading individual stocks. If you are willing to learn how to find and analyze stocks and then, for those you buy, put in place a trading plan that limits losses while letting profits run, then you have the potential of beating average market returns by a large margin. This course shows you how.

This is not "day trading". Here you will learn how to trade stocks in the short to mid-term time range. This is called "momentum trading" and it can produce astounding returns! 

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Stock Options

Stock options are rapidly gaining in popularity. Why? Because people who take the time to study options realize that they do not need to be risky or complicated. And the benefits they add to your portfolio can be astonishing! This course starts with a basic options primer and then shows how you can use options to leverage your purchasing power, produce a steady, low-risk income stream and even protect your portfolio from losses. 

All investors must consider adding stock options to their investing toolkit. This course shows you how to do so with confidence.

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Please note that any of the above courses can be ordered and taken individually without the need to have completed any other course. Combined, these 5 courses make up the NAOI Certification Program.


From Our Program Graduates

Following is just some of the input from our members/students. These testimonials tell our story far better than we can.

NAOI Education is for investors at all stages of their life!

March 14, 2013

Aloha Leland,

I just completed your NAOI Individual Investor Certification Program last night and was extremely excited to finally be able to order my diploma. I will proudly hang it on my wall to remind myself of the effort and knowledge that I have put into and gained from your program. I wanted to thank you for creating the NAOI education program because it has opened up my eyes to the investing possibilities that I always knew were around but never knew how to take advantage of. 

You have helped to empower me to make informed investing choices, and taught me that I don't need to put my financial future in the hands of other people. I would also like to comment that I really appreciated and enjoyed the fact that the information was presented in a way that even a financially uneducated person can understand. I would love to share the knowledge that I have gained through your program with everyone I know and come into contact with, and would love to become a part of the NAOI Empower American Investors Project. Please tell me how I can "help myself and help others."

Chason D. Calimpong, Kaneohe, HI. (Oahu).

After completing an NAOI course I took 30 minutes to analyze the portfolio my advisor had put in place for me. Was it ever a mess. The risk level was off the charts! I now know how to fix it .... and how to find a better advisor .... Alan H. These courses are exactly what I was looking for. They are comprehensive, well organized and written in language I can understand. I wish I had taken them 20 years ago. ..... Stan K. I will never be an active investor but as an NAOI graduate it takes me just a few minutes, using free Web resources,  to analyze my advisor's recommendations  ....and he knows it. The quality of his advice has sure improved.... Alice G.
Finally, a study program that doesn't try to sell me a specific product or investing strategy. You have given me the knowledge, structure and tools to make my own decisions, ones that fit my unique needs...  Karen H. The NAOI courses showed me where to find the most powerful investing resources  on the Web, and all are free to use. Without these courses I would never have found them ......
Cindy W.
The NAOI course I took transformed me from a bewildered bystander to a motivated and involved investor. I now have a substantial second income and I spend very little time in the process .... 
Don B.
I have transformed my investing library from shelves of half-read books to 5 slim NAOI Course workbooks. The multi-media format is, without a doubt, the future of all investing publications.
. Jim M.
Wake up academia! These are the courses that should be offered in every high school and college in America. Our young people need to learn how to invest NOW to begin planning their financial future. Mary F. .. High School Teacher The NAOI course I finished took the fear out of investing for me. I no longer passively accept the single digit returns I have been getting for years. NAOI education is beyond any dobut the best investment I have ever made .... Kevin B.
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